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Leverage Relegence to power contextual targeting, automate content curation, and fortify business intelligence

We are your quickest, most accurate and affordable way
to extract meaning from content.

Language processing/machine learning

Our language processing engine puts the power of automated classification and big data at your fingertips. The latest algorithms and breakthroughs in machine learning are ready to play part in your content.

Deep Taxonomy Tagging

Our rich taxonomy works to organize and structure your content. With over 1 Thousand hierarchical content categories and over 2 Million connected entities we provide you with the most accurate article tagging technology.

Enriched Content

Supplement your content with structured data to quickly distribute your content to specifically targeted audiences. Generate custom feeds, offer contextual advertising, produce BI insights or create your own smart apps.

Harnessing structured meaning from unstructured content

Easily integrate our APIs to capture undiscovered value locked within your content.

Relegence semantic technologies combine the power of taxonomy, natural language processing, and machine learning to classify your content with unparalleled accuracy and depth. Use easily integrated Relegence APIs to monetize the undiscovered meaning locked within your information assets. We make it easy to identify what you have, placing the latest in Text Analytics, Content Management, Optimization Strategies, and Advertising Insights in the palm of your hands. We make it easy for you to turn “text into treasure”.

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About Relegence

Aol Relegence provides Semantic Analysis (specifically, automated tagging and classification) and Content Trends Analysis. Relegence uses a variety of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms as well as human curated rules to provide the best semantic infrastructure for publishers and advertisers.

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